Photo of Phil

Hi, my name is Phil.

Who am I?

I am a technologist from Madison, Wisconsin. I love trying new things and meeting people. Smart, authentic, and caring people are the best. I live in Fitchburg, Wisconsin with my wife, Sarah, and my daughter, June.

What have I done?

I have been focusing on Front-End Web Development. I’ve also done some research and analysis, agile project management, webpage optimization, user experience prototyping, teaching, and wireless networking. You can read more about projects I’ve worked on.

What am I up to?

I am currently working as a Front-End Web Developer at the Artful Home and am available for consulting or short term projects. You can contact me by email or Twitter.

Accessibility is Important!

Hold on. You can't see my email? It's a photo and I don't want to type it out online and get all the spam on the Internet. You could message me on Facebook or mention @PhilSwn on Twitter. That should get my attention and we can go from there. Those are the easiest solutions I can think of, but if you really want to just email me, you can solve the audio part of this captcha puzzle to get my full email address. Cheers!

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