What's your browser?

Google's whatbrowser.org will identify and show you the age of your browser.

Current Popular Browsers

Google Chrome logo
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Apple's quickly expanding open source browser engine is integrated in almost every smartphone, tablet, and multiple desktop browsers including Safari and Google Chrome1.

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Previously the world's most popular browser, Mozilla's open source browser is fast and open source.

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Internet Explorer

Microsoft's historic browser that is rapidly losing market-share to Firefox and Webkit.

What is a website?

Combinations of text, links, images, styles, interactivity, and now video.

Web Standards

Writing for the Web

Listen up!

Podcasts (think radio for the digital age) are a great way to learn more about just about everything. Want to keep up with technology? Look into Tech News Today. For web, I have to recommend The Big Web Show with Web Standards Guru Jeffry Zeldman.

Further Reading

For more info on HTML theory, I highly recommend Jeremy Keith's HTML 5 for Web Designers and for more on Writing (and Designing) for the Web, Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think is great.

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1Google Chrome is Google's branded version of their open source project Chromium that was based on Webkit. Chromium and Webkit go back and forth taking their open source code from each other. Webkit was based on Konqueror. Konqueror is still technically in development, yet receives little press.

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